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I have a strong passion for music, business, politics and theatre, and enjoy all events related to these topics. Being able to share these passions with another person is what makes my days special. I can fit in anywhere, and would be happy to accompany you to any social engagement that you may need a date for.

I am an extremely passionate person, and I appreciate a sensual encounter. My main goal is always to please my partner, focusing all my attention on you, what you like, want and need in the moment.

I want you to forget about everything going on in your life, live the moment with me teasing and touching every sensitive part of your body. If what you need is a sensual massage and a soothing voice, you’ve found the man for you. Your needs are my desires.
Forming a real connection won’t be a problem, I’m very well travelled and speak fluent Italian, English, German and French; so finding a shared interest, or an entertaining topic of conversation will not be difficult. Of course there isn’t always a need for words, sometimes just quietly following instincts can be even more satisfying and exciting, leading to a comfortable time together, like we have known each other for years.

OriginSouthern European
Hair colorDark Chocolate
Eye colorDeep brown
Length1,75 m.
Shoe size42
TatoosYes, 3
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