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The couples date is my personal favorite. I always find it an honor to know that two people who love each other, trust me to be their toy of the night. Of course it is extremely important to me that everyone feels comfortable and I will make sure to set a vibe which allows everyone to be free and careless. Feel free to let me know if you have any specific fantasies, wishes, or turn on to make sure you can fully enjoy the experience. 

Lingerie service

I have a passion for beautiful lingerie and am able to provide different types from my extensive collection. This includes brands like Bordelle, Agent Provocateur and many more. I will always bring at least two sets of my most sexy, luxurious lingerie with me on the date. If you have any specific preferences (colour, brand, type etc.) you can always send me a message and I will make sure to meet these preferences.

Role play

Want to immerse yourself in an exciting role play experience? The naughty nurse, an innocent schoolgirl or a sexy latex catsuit? Whichever fantasies you might have, I would love to make them come true.

Dinner date

Nothing can top a good old dinner date. Dinner dates allow us to get to know each other better or to catch up on lost time. Of course dessert will be served in the bedroom… The dinner date has a special rate, with a cost of €1100,- for 4 hours. Travel expenses apply.

Threesome escort

Of course, every guys dream is an unforgettable night with two beautiful ladies, who will give him something to remember forever. I would love to bring one of my gorgeous female friends to make your dreams come true. I feel really comfortable with one of them and they with me. We can enjoy each other and give you an unforgettable time. Look at my page my girlfriends or sent me a message.

International trips

I’m also able to come to different locations outside of the Netherlands! Perfect for the business or leisure traveler, who is looking for a relaxing evening after the hustle and bustle of the day. Just let me know 12 hours before hand so I can book my ticket and pack my bags to come and visit you. An international booking has a minimum of 48 hours and is excluding travel costs (Plane tickets, transportation cost at the destination etc.) 


No better start for a perfect evening than a relaxing or erotic massage. I will bring my special massage candle (210th) to fully enjoy this experience and warm up for the rest of the evening.

Lesbian experience

For a lot of women it is a pleasure to be touched by an other woman. The soft bodies and round shapes feel each other perfectly. Because I know exactly what you like, we can ultimately enjoy the intimacy and experiment with each other.

Location near Amsterdam

I also have the opportunity to recieve you at a beautiful location near Amsterdam. I will have a delicious bottle of champagne on ice, 210th products handy and of course  my beautiful lingerie sets. The location will always be a luxurious and clean one. If there are certain wishes for a jacuzzi or a sauna, for example, you can indicate this. I will  do my utmost to find the most suitable location for us. There are €100,- additional costs for the location

Private photo page

For my regulair clients I have an extra. I have a special page where I post photos of myself almost every week. Including photos with face. I must have seen you as a customer at least once. The costs are one-time €150,-. Send me a message if you are interested


Looking for company, to go to a business dinner or a museum together, for example? You came to the right place. I am available for any occasion. A companionship date takes place in public areas and is a date without being intimate.

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