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Last summer, I went to Zanzibar with Bella and Melanie. And what a fabulous fun and wonderful trip this was. I had met A. over here in Amsterdam. We had a hotel room date at the Twentyseven hotel. One glance and an instant connection. ‘We are visiting Zanzibar with my friends,’ he said.

Two weeks after our first date, I got a message if I wanted to fly to him with my girlfriends. Five days of sun, partying and amazing sex. We were excited and looking forward to it. Like three little girls, we boarded the flight with delicious treats and our suitcase full of beautiful lingerie and toys. No idea at the time what an amazing trip awaited us.

Would you also like to schedule an FMTY date? In that case, send me a message and who knows, we might see you soon!

Next week, more about this amazing trip and what we experienced.


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