Wow! Book process, can’t believe it.

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It’s been a few weeks since the book was released and it’s selling so fast! Unbelievable, I really didn’t expect this. It is a dream come true! 170 books have already been sold. I am so honored people want to read my book. All the loving messages I get from people I don’t even know. About how enthusiastic they are about the book. The book is also available at

My book is also available for sale in various bookstores. At KANT In Amsterdam and the Primera on the Middenweg in Amsterdam.

In the coming weeks I will visit different stores so you’ll be able the buy my book also over there..

I am extremely proud and happy that I can give other people a glimpse into my life as a High Class escort.

Thank you so much for all your orders!

Lots of love, Isa

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