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New customer

Are you a new customer with us or completely new to planning a date with a high class escort? Then this blog might be a useful read. Of course, our website already contains a lot of information, such as the rates, where you can already view the rates of the different kinds of bookings and...


A special date

As you might have read in the previous blog, I want my customers to get the service they deserve. Are you looking to arrange a special date but have no inspiration? We have come up with a solution. The services page lists all our services for a special date, but there are also all kinds...


Only the best service

First of all, discretion is of paramount importance to me. In addition, I maintain high standards when it comes to my client’s experience. To me, every client is special and I want them to feel truly heard. I therefore like to take time for you. Do you have specific wishes regarding the lady. Can I...



Threesome bookings, the favourite booking of both the girls and me. The thrills of seduction. The indulging and melting in each other. Lovely such a dazzling threesome date. I often get the question: do you also indulge each other? That’s the good part, really taking the time for each other. For everyone to be driven...


FMTY date

I still always find an FMTY date very exciting. I had only met A. once before in Amsterdam. We did have a tremendous good connection though. Still, you don’t know how the holiday trip will go. The first night we arrived and got to know the other men. With ‘mine’ I had moved to the...



Last summer, I went to Zanzibar with Bella and Melanie. And what a fabulous fun and wonderful trip this was. I had met A. over here in Amsterdam. We had a hotel room date at the Twentyseven hotel. One glance and an instant connection. ‘We are visiting Zanzibar with my friends,’ he said. Two weeks...

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