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Threesome bookings, the favourite booking of both the girls and me. The thrills of seduction. The indulging and melting in each other. Lovely such a dazzling threesome date. I often get the question: do you also indulge each other? That’s the good part, really taking the time for each other. For everyone to be driven...


FMTY date

I still always find an FMTY date very exciting. I had only met A. once before in Amsterdam. We did have a tremendous good connection though. Still, you don’t know how the holiday trip will go. The first night we arrived and got to know the other men. With ‘mine’ I had moved to the...



Last summer, I went to Zanzibar with Bella and Melanie. And what a fabulous fun and wonderful trip this was. I had met A. over here in Amsterdam. We had a hotel room date at the Twentyseven hotel. One glance and an instant connection. ‘We are visiting Zanzibar with my friends,’ he said. Two weeks...

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