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Are you a new customer with us or completely new to planning a date with a high class escort? Then this blog might be a useful read. Of course, our website already contains a lot of information, such as the rates, where you can already view the rates of the different kinds of bookings and calculate the travel expenses.

For example, if you want to meet up with a girl in Amsterdam and she lives in the Almere area, the region can be seen on the page of the girl in question, the travelling time is within an hour and you pay 50 euros for the travelling expenses. If she lives further than an hour from Amsterdam, you pay 75,- euro. This makes it easy to calculate in advance what you would have to pay for your date.

If you want to schedule a date, the best way to reach me is by whatsapp, mail or phone. However, the last option is not always available because I am sometimes in appointments. The most efficient way is to send me a whatsapp message, this way I can reply to you the fastest.

If you need help with your choice, that’s no problem at all, I’m always there to help. We can go through your preferences together and look for the perfect match for you. And if you have no idea where to meet? I have plenty of options to choose from and can advise you in the process.

Please note that I always ask for a deposit of 150,- euro for new customers. This is to ensure that you as a customer are sincere.

On the frequently asked questions page you can find the answers to the most frequently asked questions. I hope this has made it more clear to you how you can schedule a date with one of my girlfriends.

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