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Why does the rate start at € 350,- and not at € 200? This valid question was asked to me today. 

And although my first thought of this question was ‘what a rude question’. I also could understand a bit. And it made me realise it could be a good subject for a blog. To make it clearer why my rates are what they are.

A very important first reason, I want to appeal to the neat, well-kept man who has his life in order. I really appear as being “your” girlfriend. I like to kiss and to take time for each other.

The lingerie in my closet is luxury lingerie, a set costs € 600 or more, brands like Bordelle for example.

The high heels I wear, the dresses, my bags. It is luxurious, my target group, the man with class, has an eye for this and will appreciate it. I am what he is looking for, a lady with class and style, someone like him and who suits him.

I speak with distinction and have good manners. And privacy and hygiene are high priority.

Furthermore, I have a maximum of 3 to 4 bookings per week.

I also know it is a lot of money you have to pay to see me and that’s why I always do my very best to look my best for you and I want to give you the time of your life. I have passion for what I do and if we have overrun, that‘s not a big deal.

All things considered, the rate I am asking is the correct rate.

And in the end, of course, it is the customer who makes the final decision for his/her choice.

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