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Yes yes yes, I am so excited, LOVELYISA. Finally I am able to share this with you. I am going to publish my own book. After years of searching for the perfect ghostwriter, the moment has arrived, it’s real now, the first 9000 words are a fact!

Reading the first words and realising how awesome it is going to become. I can’t wait till it’s completed and I will be able to share the end result with you!

The book will be mainly about me and what I have experienced and why I have made the choice to start to work as an independent high class escort.

Customers do not have to be afraid, they will not be mentioned by name in the book. Everything will be discreet, names and places will be replaced.

I hope you are as excited as I am. The plan is to finish the writing by the end of July and then, together with a designer, set the record straight. I want to publish the book all by myself.

Do you have tips or ideas, please feel free to share them with me, any information is appreciated.


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