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You may have noticed it on my social media account, I spent the recent weeks in Mexico with a couple. I love to tell you about my dates. I had an amazing time in Mexico. We had such a wonderful time together. While we were in Mexico we stayed in a villa including a chef. They took the kids along with them and we already got better acquainted. The children (two boys) are 7 and 12 years old and their parents have told them that we are friends and that mom likes me a lot.

There was also often a nanny present so that the three of us had some time alone. We celebrated New Year’s Eve together with a fine bottle of champagne and a good dinner. Then we spent four days on a boat and cruised around the Mexican sea. We also slept on the boat, which unfortunately for me, causes seasickness for me and I have to go sleep in a hotel room after the second day, but I went on the boat again during daytime. It was great, sex in the cabin of the boat and so much fun we had.

The last day in Mexico we went horseback riding, afterwards there was a lunch with champagne and, very romantically, candles were lit. Can you even imagine? All of this was happening in the middle of the jungle of Mexico. It was so wonderful, the beautiful nature and so romantic. The only shame was, we still had a hangover from the night before. When a third lady joined us and after quite a few bottles of champagne and a sushi dinner we all ended up in bed. We danced and had a wonderful time.

All in all, I had an amazing time in Mexico and we are now heading to Aspen. Curious what I will experience there !? Keep an eye on my blog!

With love xx

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