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Do you have New Year’s resolutions this year? I will list a few. For example, in addition to horseback riding, I also want to eat healthier and do more fitness. I want to spend less time on my telephone and enjoy the little things in life, such as walking, enjoying nature or cooking a healthy dish. And sorry, no long chat conversations and only online to make an appointment. Otherwise I spend way too much time on my telephone.

Last year I was busy behind the scenes of Lovelyisa. And I started to learn more about independent escort. It’s not just a date but there’s more to it. You have to know on which website to promote yourself. Where do I spend money? Advertising costs are about 3500, – euros a year. Coming year the advertising costs will be even more, I have requested a billboard with the Lovelyisa logo and the service I offer. Also I made improvements to the website, updating the SEO and a new design. And I frequently schedule and prepare a new shoot.

There’s more to it than you know in being active as an independent escort. But the thing I love the most about working as an independent escort is our date. This year I also focused more on my social media account. This was completely new to me, but I am starting to enjoy it more and more. It is nice to share what you are experiencing and fun for the customer to see a photo of me every now and then. I have learned a lot in the past year and have been able to experience wonderful moments. May this year be great!

Lots of love and maybe I’ll see you soon.

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