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I still always find an FMTY date very exciting. I had only met A. once before in Amsterdam. We did have a tremendous good connection though. Still, you don’t know how the holiday trip will go. The first night we arrived and got to know the other men. With ‘mine’ I had moved to the bedroom pretty soon. Just some quality time together. The two other ladies shared a room with each other and I had my own room. The men also each had their own room and a shared villa at the park.

Every morning we had breakfast together, a group of around 10 people, very enjoyable! Every day was completely different. Having a cocktail at the bar and all of us going on the jet skis. What an experience, and of course I had a condom with me. Sex on a jet ski, the sun sinking and great time together. A memory I won’t easily forget.

The villa parties were also very entertaining. In the jacuzzi with a joint and a drink. There was enormous attraction between A. and me. Delighted, what a gentleman he is. He made sure we lacked nothing. The group was very sociable and as the days passed the closer everyone became to each other.

On our last night, we had a party at another resort. The girls continued late in the night with the men. A. and I went back along the beach to the hotel room where we had delightful sex late until late that night. What a WONDERFUL trip this was. It blew by and I can’t wait to see A. again.


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