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Of course there’s the ‘about me’ section on the website with a lot of information about myself.

Anyway I think it is a good idea to write a blog about me and how I can describe myself even better.

Over the years I know what I like and enjoy the most. In bed I want to take time for each other, kiss passionately and stay in bed a little longer and chat for a while. I call this the girlfriend experience, lovely, tender and passionate.

I really enjoy nature and animals, so I have a dog and a horse. Almost every day I exercise by riding and occasionally you’ll find me in the gym. I think it’s important to be properly groomed. I love a massage, pedicure or shopping.

Eating out is one of the things I miss a lot during the weird time we are in. Everyone who knows me well knows how I love good food. You can really spoil me with a glass of champagne with a delicious dinner!

I can really appreciate a date with a real gentleman. Someone who brings you flowers or holds the door for you. It is an interaction, if you are good to me then you get it back triple. Personally I think every woman likes it when a man treats and approaches her like a real gentleman.

I love it when we’re connected and we feel at ease. I am convinced that if you feel at ease you can experiment together. That’s why I like to start our date with a drink and after that to choose lingerie and go to the bedroom together.

Maybe I’ll see you soon!

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