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The terms and conditions apply to the Lovelyisa services and the visit of the website of Lovelyisa (hereinafter also “I”, “me”or “my”). This visit or any future visit to this website and/or the use of my services implies that you unconditionally agree with our terms and conditions.


The agreement between you and me is concluded by confirming the booking by phone, e-mail or text. Lovelyisa is available per e-mail 24/7 and will try to answer your e-mails as soon as reasonably possible. Please however, be advised that if I am engaged, a response may take longer. Last minute bookings are possible if I am available. Please note that I need some time to prepare for our date and, if applicable, additional travel time.

Legal status

Lovelyisa is a fully legal High Class escort service, licence number ASD1096AM/ESC619 and is subject to the Dutch law. For privacy reasons, the Trade Register number with the Chamber of Commerce and VAT number are available on request via e-mail.


If Lovelyisa does not comply with your expectations due to looks or personality you will have the opportunity to let that know within the first 10 minutes of your booking in The Netherlands and cancel the booking. In that case you are obligated to pay the travelexpenses and a fee of € 350,-. If the booking was to last longer than one hour, the cancellation will cost 75% of the booking amount. After that moment, you will not be able to cancel the booking without incurring 100% of the costs of the booking. This cancellation is due to the circumstance that I have to reserve time to visit you, which I cannot spend on other clients.

My duties and liability

I will invest my commercially best efforts in making the booking a success. However, since it takes two to tango, full satisfaction can only be achieved if we both make it work. I am not liable in case of dissatisfaction, unless I have neglected my duty of care. In all cases, my liability for whatever damages and costs is limited to the fee we have agreed upon for the services.

Cancellation costs

When you cancel one day before the booking you have to pay 50% of the agreed rate and if you cancel on the day of the booking you have to pay the agreed rate. This is because I have to reserve time to visit you, which I cannot spend on other clients. If I have to book a room or if I have already traveled to the location, the costs thereof have to be paid by you as well. If you do not show up, the full costs will be charged for the discussed amount to you. 

International bookings

For bookings outside the Netherlands I require an advance notice of 24H (Europe) up to 48H (international), due to travel time and preparations. The destination will be assessed on positive travel advice and safety of the destination. After positive travel advice the booking will be confirmed. To finalize the international booking I require a prepayment from you via bank transfer of 50% of the booking costs and 100% of the travel expenses.

If you cancel the date within 24H (Europe) or 48H (international), I will charge you for 50% of the agreed rate. This is because I have to reserve time to visit you, which I cannot spend on other clients

Rates & Payments

The payment will be done at the beginning of the booking (minimum of 1 hours); please be prepared for that. You can pay cash or via bank transfer. However, I will not start my services before I have received acknowledgement of receipt of the payment. You can always extend the booking, payment will be made at the beginning of extension. If you do not pay me in time, I am entitled to the legal interest and all collection costs..

Force majeure

I am not liable for any circumstances outside of my control. Such circumstances are, among other things, travel ban, government measures, unavailability due to illness of myself or people in my care, pandemic or epidemic or measures as a result thereof hindering the performance of my services and adverse weather conditions hindering my arrival on the location. In such case you will be informed as soon as possible. If possible, an alternative will be proposed for compensation.

Travel methods

The travel methods of Lovelyisa for international bookings will be discussed per booking. For destinations where the travel time is longer than 4 hours by car I require a high speed train or a flight. Flights of 7 hours and longer requires a business class ticket.

Privacy and discretion

Lovelyisa will not provide or share your details with any third party. Payments done with PIN or creditcard will be listed under antoher name then Lovelyisa due to privacy reasons.


I assure you that I will take good care of herself, I expect that you will do the same. Personal care and hygiene are a necessary requirement. The date needs to take place in at least a three-star hotel and in a clean environment. Health and safety are paramount. Unsafe sex is not possible. If you insist on having unsafe sex the booking will be terminated immediately. You will still be obligated to pay the full amount. This will also constitute a reason to refuse you in the future. Wishes and boundaries of both parties needs to be respected at all times.

Governing law, disputes

All contractual and non-contractual or non-contractual obligations between you and me are governed by Dutch law.

In case of disputes the Dutch court, more specifically the District Court in Amsterdam (Rechtbank Amsterdam), have exclusive jurisdiction.

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