About Isa


About Isa

My name is Isa, a Dutch petit blond doll with striking green eyes and an open appearance. I’m full of enthusiasm and I’m looking forward to meeting you!

I am openminded, sensitive person and I’m enjoying life to its full potential. Pure and sweet, honest and caring are characteristics that define me. To me it’s important that you feel comfortable when we’re together so we can have a date where anything can happen. I will make you feel at ease, so that we can enjoy beautiful and exciting moments together and discover each other. I take time and be your passionate girlfriend.

I can really enjoy nature and animals. A long walk through the forest, the smell and the sound of the ocean, or horse riding in the dunes. These moments make me feel free and I love that. I’m trying to hold on to that feeling of freedom, even when I’m not in nature. Living in the moment, like there is no tomorrow.

Dancing, drinking champagne or a delicious dinner. Enjoying the little things in life. I am really flexibel.

If it’s around the corner from my place or that I need to bring my passport and suitcase. A date with you alone or with a cute couple to experience an exciting evening. I’m open to everything and we could have an unforgettable time. Do I see you soon?

When you want to read more about me look at my home page.

  • 26 years
  • Size 34
  • Length 1.62
  • Cup C
  • Blonde hair
  • Green eyes
  • Pregnant, limited available

*Please note I don’t expect gifts! They are however always appreciated.

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