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‘Time flies when you’re having fun’. Two days after the date, there’s still a smile on my face when I think back of the evening. Two hours seem to feel like an eternity.

Isa is sweet, spicy and pure. She has the gift to bring down walls around you in a very natural way. It shows that she loves people and at the same time she stays close to her innerself. Not to mention her natural urge for passion on and under the sheets. Every long journey begins with a small step, they say. With Isa there is still so much to discover. CU soon! X

I recently had the chance to experience a fantastic evening with Isa. It was easy to make an appointment, everything went very smoothly and flexible. Isa has a fantastic look with such a lovely smile. She is small in stature and has a very nice slim body. Besides that, she is a very pretty and brainy girl. She immediately puts you at ease. The sex was beyond doubt delightful and she knows her job well! I will definitely want to see her more often! Highly recommended!

I had a wonderful evening with Isa. Immediately when I saw her beautiful smiling face, I knew I had made the right decision for a relaxing night out together. I have enjoyed it to the max!

We had such a great evening with Isa. She immediately put us at ease with her positive energy. If you want and to take your relationship to the next level, Isa is the one for you!

Last week I had the pleasure of having a dinner date with Isa. Being in direct contact with Isa makes it easier to make an appointment. Isa is a beautiful luminous young woman and she knows what she wants. She enjoys life to the full, you can see it at everything she does. It’s also such a pleasure between the sheets with Isa. It is really nice to be with her in every way. It’s a superior girl. I am already looking forward to our next appointment!
Dear Isa, It was a pleasure having a date with you. You are a very handsome, naughty but also such a sweet woman.
Gorgeous body, beautiful face and in your eyes I could drown. When we made connection I noticed that you were enjoying too and that is very nice.
We will certainly meet again. Greets B.
Isa is very good at what she does. She sincerely enjoys the time she spends with you. Me and my friend experienced a very natural situation and the tension that I had at first, quickly disappeared. Isa takes the initiative and she takes the time. Beyond that she is such a presence with her beautiful cute smile!! Thanks a lot for the wonderfull evening and great experience!
My girlfriend and I recently visited Amsterdam and had the pleasure of having Isa over to join us for some fun. This was the first time my girlfriend has been with another woman and her first threesome. Isa exceeded all of our expectations. She really made my girlfriend feel comfortable and everything felt natural for the both of us. Our night was filled with passion, romance and was beyond our wildest dreams. Isa is a sexy, caring, beautiful woman who made us never want the night to end. We are looking forward to getting together with her again very soon! Xoxo
My time with Isa was amazing; she just ticks all the boxes. Can’t wait for my next date with her.
Hi Isa! We are obsessing over seeing you again! We would love to figure out a way to take you on a holiday with us!
Anyway, here’s my review: Isa was an absolute delight. Engaging, funny, sensual and beautiful only begin to describe her. My husband and I found her so easy to get along with, starting the evening with a lovely dinner date. Her dining recommendation was fantastic, with her serving the best desserts afterwards. Great memories that will be with us a long time! We can’t wait to see her again!
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