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Lovelyisa is an independent escort agency. After working for two years at a high class escort agency I decided to start my own company in march 2018.

First question one asks is usually “why did you start your own business?” I noticed that once you are connected with a customer it is much more convenient to have the contact yourself.

I like it a lot to be able to discuss the date or to text about a new date.

I have mainly worked in and around Amsterdam. But I also do international bookings with regular customers. I need to be connected with my customer to go on an international trip.

The photos you see on my website are 100% real. I do not want to disappoint you therefore I always do my very best to look my best.

You could describe me as your girlfriend. I love passionate sex, kissing and touching eachother. Tenderly and softly, taking time for each other. I can really enjoy a threesome with one of my girlfriends. I would prefer Megan, we will give you an unforgettable evening.

What I also really like are dates with couples. To be the toy of your date, that still fascinates me and I really enjoy that position!

More about me in the section about Isa.

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